• Treating Other’s Well Improves Barakah and Rizq


    Did you know that treating other’s well can bring barakah (blessings) to your earnings, increase your wealth and lengthen your life? The blog post will examine some Ahadith on the topic.

    Treat Parents well.

    Rasulullah (SAW) has said “The one who desires great quantity in one’s rizq and one’s age, should treat relatives kindly, and make khidmah of (serve) one’s parents.” Musnad Ahmed.


    Give Sadakah To the Poor

    Rasulullah (SAW) has said “Seek sustenance (from Allah) by the means of sadaqah (charity). By it’s barakah sustenance is increased.”


    Comforting The Weak

    Rasulullah (SAW) has said “Seek me (my happiness) by comforting the weak, it is because of the weak that you are granted rizq. Or he said ‘it is because of the weak you are assisted.”


    For Men: Spend Money On Your Wife

    Rasulullah (SAW) said “Fear Allah in the affairs of women (wives), because they are your captives. You have acquired them with an agreement and promise to Allah. You have made their private parts halal with the Kalimah of Allah, therefore, practice latitude regarding their clothing and spending, so that Allah Ta’alah may grant you abundance in your rizq; barakah in your lifespan and whatever you wish may be fulfilled.” Surur Khaatir


    Treat Relatives Well

    Rasulullah (SAW) has said “One who wishes to receive abundant rizq, and the prints of the footsteps to last long, should treat relatives congenially.” Mishkaat

    By “footprints that last long” Nabi SAW meant a long life.


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