• Spend On Your Family On This Day In Order To Get More..

    There is a day in the year when, if you spend on your family on that day, you will be granted rizq for the year. Would you like to know what day that is?

    Rasulullah (SAW) has said “The one who spends abundantly on one’s family and children on the day of Aashura, Allah Ta’alah will grant that person abundance (in rizq) for the whole year.” So what day is the day of Aashura? It falls on the 10th Muharrum every year.

    Personally, I plan to buy any large appliances or any other large purchases that I need on that day. It’s also a good day to do some bulk grocery shopping. So mark that day in your calendar and make the most of it when it comes.

    Go to the Islamic Date Convertor to find when the 10th Muharrum falls in the coming year.

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