• John Caples 5 Rules For Writing Killer Headlines

    John Caples was one of the greatest direct mail advertising copywriters who ever lived. His Book Tested Advertising Methods is considered one of the Classic copywriting books and is a must-read for anyone interested in online marketing, sales, advertising and/or copywriting.

    Here are Mr. Caples 5 Essential rules for writing compelling headlines:

    1. Try to work a benefit into every headline you write. The headline must communicate some sort of benefit the reader will get.
    2. Second, Mr. Caples suggests using any news you have in your headline. News could be a new product, a new way to use an old product etc. If something is in any way newsworthy, try and work it into your headline.
    3. Combine curiosity with either news or self-interest. Although people are inherently curious, curiosity is seldom enough to pull people into reading the rest of the sales copy. But curiosity combined with self-interest or news can be very powerful.
    4. When possible, avoid headlines that paint the negative or gloomy side of the story. Try, as far as possible, to adopt the cheerful, positive angle.
    5. People are always looking for the quickest, easiest way to do something. Working the “quick & easy” angle into your headline can make a good headline even more powerful.

    Try and follow these 5 headline formulas every time you write a headline for best results.

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